The Ageing Face

What happens to our faces as they age?

Firstly the surface weathers, coarsening the texture and making the pigment uneven. At the same time wrinkles appear, some due to sun damage, and others formed by the muscles of facial expression. Collagen ages and becomes less elastic. Later the deep structures change as we loose fat pads, bone thins, teeth fall out and muscles weaken. All these cause the face to sag so that bags wrinkles and jowls form. So there are things you can do to reduce the ageing appearance, and things we can do to help as well.

What can you do to slow the clock down?

We all age at different rates, some of this we inherit from our parents and some is the result of how we live our lives. You can’t change your parents but there are 2 things in particular you can avoid to reduce ageing; sun and cigarettes. Both of these increase the rate at which the skin ages, but it can take over 10 years to show. Enthusiastic sun tanning in your twenties will start to show as ageing in your 30s.

What can we do to reduce the effects of age?

Treatments to the skin surface such as rejuvenating creams, bleaching creams, laser treatments, chemical peels and dermaroller and can reduce pigment changes and improve texture. Treatments to deeper tissues by injections or surgery can all help reduce the structural changes.


Accepting and celebrating the ageing process as an alternative to cosmetic treatments is of course worth encouraging in those who feel that way inclined.